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Featured Dogs For Sale
Below are beautiful dogs that are waiting for you to come and take them to your beautiful homes where they
will be loved and cared for everyday. These adorable gentle dogs love to romp and play and eat and sleep.
Each dog is vet checked, and up to date with their shots, they are dewormed, microchipped, and treated
with revolution, and will be freshly shampooed and groomed before you take them home with you. Each dog
goes home with a file folder which includes the health record,and lots of info. I will be happy to help answer
any questions you may have.
Call Shelley at  H# 519-887-8419 or C# 519-274-9520 to book an appointment .
Any dogs that don't have SOLD written across them are still available.
I try to daily update my site when dogs are sold.
Be sure to scroll down to see all the beautiful Dogs that are available.
Last updated:  May 17, 2019
Adult size:
Height 19-21 inches
Weight : 45-55 lbs.
Date of Birth: September 15, 2018
Pickup Date : Anytime!!
Price: $2500.00
Multigen Designer Golden Doodle for Sale!!!
Lola is so sweet, she has a nice soft  shaggy dark apricot coloured coat. She is a nice quiet and
playful puppy. She will weigh aprox. 45-55 as an adult. She has a pretty rose coloured nose,
which makes these puppies super special. Lola is up to date with all her vaccinations and
treated with Revolution.  She has more the golden retriever look, so she won't need to groomed
very often like most doodles.....just brush her and shampoo her and she's all done!!
She is priced at 2500.00 (tax included) What a pretty girl. Lola will be shampooed and smelling
nice and clean before you take her home. She enjoys going for long walks .
Call Shelley to book an appointment to take her home with you.
Call soon to come to see her she will make a wonderful companion for someone who walks
alot, cuz she will love to walk for miles. She will also be good in the house to snuggle with.
Lola....Female #1 is Sold!!
Pictured at 6 weeks old.
Lola pictured at 12
weeks old.

Retired Registered English Golden Retriever
Keep watching for other dogs that we are planning to
retire later.
If you are interested, call Shelley @ 519-274-9520
Zora was born in Hungary on April 9, 2010. She is a  beautiful female English Golden
Retriever with Elite European  bloodlines. She comes from an amazing lineage! She truly is
a beauty!!! She has an excellent confirmation and her temperament is ever so loving and
friendly,she is so amazing. She just turned 9 years old, and wants to go to a loving home
for her retirement, she is in good health and is up to date with all her vaccinations. Zora  
weighs 69 lbs. She is a beautiful dog and will enjoy good years with you. She still loves to
run around and loves to play with all the other dogs every morning. She is not house
trained, but this usually doesn't take long to teach a dog this age. In our new facility we
have doggie doors so they do their business outside and sleep inside , so they basically
trained themselves.
If you are interested in her, please complete the Application and we will get back to you
with further details regarding the completion of your reservation.
New pictures of Lola at
8 months old.