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Featured Dogs For Sale
Below are beautiful dogs that are waiting for you to come and take them to your beautiful homes where they
will be loved and cared for everyday. These adorable gentle dogs love to romp and play and eat and sleep.
Each dog is vet checked, and up to date with their shots, they are dewormed, microchipped, and treated
with revolution, and will be freshly shampooed and groomed before you take them home with you. Each dog
goes home with a file folder which includes the health record,and lots of info. I will be happy to help answer
any questions you may have.
Call Shelley at  C# 519-274-9520 to book an appointment .
Any dogs that don't have SOLD written across them are still available.
I try to daily update my site when dogs are sold.
Be sure to scroll down to see all the beautiful Dogs that are available.
The advantage of getting an older dog is they are past that puppy stage and they train very quickly.
Last updated:  December 3, 2019
"Blackie" Male 2 is available......he is 8 months old and he weighs 26 lbs. and will weigh
aprox. 28-30 lbs. He has a very nice soft shaggy to curly black coat, with white on his chest,
and chin. Blackie puppy will  be excellent for people with allergies. He is looking for a
happy home where he can romp and play with you everyday!! He is such a handsome boy,
don't miss this great opportunity to get such a calm and loving tempered puppy.
He loves his bath and is so patient when getting groomed.
He is vet checked and has all his vaccinations. He is priced at 2500.00

Blackie is sold and moving to a wonderful home in Ottawa!!!
"Blackie" is SOLD!!
New updated pictures on Dec. 3/19
"Kayla" Female 1 is available....What a beauty....just look at her pretty teddy bear
face!!!!!  Kayla weighs 21.4 lbs. and will weigh aprox. 25 lbs. She has a gorgeous thick soft
shaggy to curly tri merle coloured coat...she will definitely be stunning walking in the dog
parks. This colour is rare, call soon to get your name on her. She is looking for a happy
family to romp and play with everyday!! She is such a sweet gentle girl, don't miss this
great opportunity to get such a calm and loving tempered puppy.
She is vet checked and has all her vaccinations. She loves her bath and does very well on
the grooming table. She is leash trained and used to being handled.
Just look how beautiful Kayla is since she is older, this is one advantage of them being
older , you can see exactly what they will look like as an adult, you wont find a prettier
looking doodle!!
Kayla is very special , and you will enjoy her for many years.  She is priced at 4500.00  
"Kayla" F1b Small Mini Goldendoodle is Available!!
Parents: Peeko X Dunkin
Born: Feb. 6/19
Weight: 25-45 lbs.
Height : 20-23 inches
"Blue" Male #2 is now SOLD!!!!
Look at this handsome boy....Blue has a beautiful black and blue shaggy coat...isnt he
stunning? He is a sweet gentle tempered calm playful boy, just like his mom. He loves to be
brushed and is very patient. He weighs  38.6 lbs and will weigh aprox. 40-50 lbs. He is up to
date with all his vaccinations. A nice size to run and play tag with this summer!
He is priced at 2500.00
Call  Shelley @ 519-274-9520  or email to come to see him!!

Blue would make a wonderful service dog, therapy dog,
and also a great loving campanion dog!!

Blue is moving to a wonderful home in Richmond Hill.
F1 Medium Golden Doodle Male is now SOLD!!
New updated pictures of Male #2 "Blue" at 6 months old....
"Millie" Female #2 is Available!!  She has a very soft  black coloured coat, with a nice white
patch on her chest She is a nice gentle and quiet girl!! She will have a nice thick shaggy to curly
coat. She  weighs 27 lbs and  will weigh aprox. 25-30 lbs. A great size to romp and play with.
What a great poser...she loves having her picture taken!! She loves her bath and getting
groomed.  She is vet checked and has all her vaccinations. She is priced at  2500.00   
These are new updated pictures taken on Dec. 3, 2019

Millie is now sold and moved to a wonderful home in Goderich.
"Millie" Female 2 is now SOLD!!!
Tootsie X Dunkin
Born: April 5, 2019
Weight: 18-30 lbs.
F1b Mini Golden Doodle!!
2 males and 1 female  Available!!!
Keeva X Dunkin
Born: March 27, 2019
Weight 18-30 lbs.
F1b Mini Golden Doodles
Born: March 27, 2019
Weight: 20-30 lbs.
Height : 14-16 inches
Pickup date: Anytime